Melissa is a clinical psychologist with 17 years of experience.

She has gained a wealth of experience working in corrections, community mental health, public and private hospitals, and in private practice, and uses her experience to educate, supervise and guide other mental health professionals.

Melissa’s passion is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). It is her primary therapeutic orientation. She is also passionate about working with people with Borderline Personality Disorder, the disorder that has traditionally attracted “surplus stigma”, educating other professionals about working compassionately and effectively with this population, and generally smashing the stigma surrounding this much-maligned and misunderstood diagnosis.

Melissa currently divides her time between being the Director of The Glow Centre, a busy multi-disciplinary private practice in Brisbane; and delivering training and providing consultation to organisations and teams, around working with people with BPD and implementing DBT programs and DBT-informed services.

She is the mum of two young children, loves to travel, loves good coffee, and is chronically sleep deprived!