Testimonials about training with Melissa

from participants in the intensive 5-day workshop:

"It provides an excellent foundation for DBT-informed practice and the core skills to join consult and facilitate DBT individual or group therapy"

"Purposeful and necessary for professional and therapeutic competence - a valuable set of skills for any tool kit"

"Melissa provided a coherent overview of the structure of DBT and how each piece fits in"

"Motivating, highly informative"

"Exciting, awesome, informative"

"Go ahead and dive in - you'll love it"

from participants in the "foundations of borderline personality disorder" workshop:

"Greatly improved understanding of BPD and how to help patients effectively"

"Theoretical and practical applications were extremely valuable"

"The information presented was easy to follow and I will be able to use it in my clinical setting"

"Practical, engaging presentation - absolutely recommend"

"Professional, friendly presentation style"

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